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As an alternative I now offer
registry-style ceremonies:
A TEN minute ceremony with up to TEN guests 
at a location of your choice 
on the Northern Beaches
or North Shore of Sydney
No fuss.  No hassle.  
No worries!
 ONLY $695
A lot of couples think it's a great idea to get married at the Registry, but in order to do this you must head to Chippendale or Parramatta twice.  I offer a hassle-free, traffic-free alternative!  Why cross the bridge if you don't need to?  Instead have your ceremony conducted by a highly-experienced and top rated celebrant in a location of your choice.
From Manly to Palm Beach, Kirribilli to Hornsby, I cover all of Northern Sydney to conduct registry-style ceremonies.  



1. We'll "meet" over FaceTime or WhatsApp and have a chat about your ceremony and complete a legal form.  We must complete the form at least one month before the date you wish to marry. Then I ask that you transfer a non-refundable deposit of $295 to hold the date and time of your ceremony.

2.  I will email a guide with options so you can choose your vows and ring exchange, or you can write your own (see ceremony order below).  Once you have made your choices you email these to me and I will email a draft of your ceremony to you for review.


3. Two weeks before the ceremony you will pay the balance and we'll finalise the ceremony.

4. The big day. I'll arrive at the location 20 minutes before with all the legal docs, your ceremony and a big smile.  I'll conduct a simple yet meaningful ceremony that you and your guests will enjoy, and you will be officially married!  I'll register your marriage online with Births, Deaths and Marriages and you're done and dusted!


  • Before our meeting both parties must email a copy of their passport. If a passport cannot be provided, an original birth certificate and other current photo ID (drivers licence or photo card) will be accepted. If you have been married previously, you must provide a divorce certificate.

  • Some outdoor locations need council approval and this is up to you to get permission.

  • This is an "unplugged" ceremony so I do not use my PA system.  As it's an intimate, informal ceremony the guests gather around in order to hear.

  • If you would like music included in your ceremony please supply the tracks and a speaker.

FEE: $695*


*If you wish to change your name or apply for a spousal visa you will need to apply for a Marriage Certificate from Births, Deaths and Marriages at your own cost of $60.  I will provide details on how to do this.


Complete this contact form to see if I'm available and I will get back to you asap.

Thanks! Message sent.

Registry Style Marriage Planning Services
Hire Professional Wedding Planner



Unlike a ceremony at the Registry you have a bit of flexibility when it comes to the content.  Please see highlights below.


Sign the Declaration

Just before the ceremony both parties will sign a document.  Once this is signed we will begin the ceremony. 




One party is walked down the aisle, or you walk down the aisle together, or we just gather together at the front. Music can be played here but you must provide a speaker and a friend to cue the music.  


Welcome and Introduction 
Vanessa welcomes all and shares a short word on marriage.


A reading can be given by a friend or family member.  Vanessa will provide examples to choose from.

The legal definition of marriage which must be said by Vanessa. 


This is the heart and soul of the ceremony: the marriage commitment.  You can write your own vows or choose an option or mix and match from the examples that Vanessa provides. 

Exchange of rings 
The rings are an outward sign of the promises you have just made. You can write your own ring exchange or choose an option or mix and match from the examples that Vanessa provides.


Declaration, kiss & presentation of newlyweds
The declaration that you are now married! The kiss moment! Then Vanessa will congratulate you on behalf of everyone and draw the ceremony to a close. Then, together with your witnesses we will sign the marriage documents.

Signing of the Register & Certificates 

Please provide one witness each that is over 18 years and speaks English.  We will all sign 5 documents.  Please provide a table and two chairs (if you wish) or we just make do with what’s there.

Music can be played here but you must provide a speaker and a friend to cue the music.  

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