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Easy as...

1. We'll meet.  It will be at a cafe or pub in Freshwater or via Skype or FaceTime. If we meet at a cafe or pub, it's a bit like a weird blind date as I have no idea what you look like and I find myself smiling at random couples hoping it's you! At this meeting we'll all get to know each other and you can decide if I'm the right celebrant for you.  If you decide to book my services I will require a non-refundable direct deposit of $300 to hold the time and date of your ceremony.  I have to do this as I get a high level of enquires and once you are booked in I will turn away other couples.  You then email through copies of your passport or birth certificate to confirm your identity.  If you have been married before you will also need to email your divorce certificate.


2. We'll meet again at a cafe or pub in Freshwater - and yes I am insular peninsula - I love where I live!  Allow an hour or so.  We'll talk about the ceremony in a bit more detail and I will find out what makes you tick as a couple in order to tailor the ceremony to you.  We'll also sign a legal document and your marriage will be officially lodged.  


3. I will email my Ceremony Planning Kit which is a PDF with lots of vows, ring exchanges and tips, and you can pick what you'd like in your ceremony.  This is brilliant and here's why; you are not forced to have any weird or boring stuff in your ceremony that you don't want.  


4. Email your choices to me and I will put together a draft of the ceremony and write a fun and personal introduction.  I email through the draft and you will be blown away and so happy you chose me.  Why?  Because I write ceremonies that are exceptional and totally tailored to you as a couple...and they're a little bit funny too.  You then have the opportunity to make any changes, and once we are all happy with the ceremony we lock it in and it becomes the script I follow on the day. 


5. Next up we have a rehearsal at the venue, or not.  This is optional and costs $100. I have conducted so many ceremonies without rehearsals that it's my opinion that you really don't need one. That said, some couples have pre-wedding jitters, or large bridal parties and really want to see how it's all going to come together on the day.  If this is the case for you a rehearsal can be very helpful.


6. Two weeks before the ceremony I will send you a reminder to pay the balance of your account via direct deposit.


7. The big day. I'll arrive 30 minutes before with my PA, all the legal docs, your ceremony and a big smile.  I'll conduct a great ceremony that you and your guests will enjoy...and you'll exit down the aisle as if you're walking on air.


8. I'll register your marriage online with Births, Deaths and Marriages and you're done and dusted. 


Too easy!

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