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Calling all grooms. Tequila is not your friend.

Like sardines and ice-cream, or Vegemite and sponge cake - tequila and grooms don't mix!

Even if your best man's flown in from Iceland on dodgy brothers airlines, or your brother has been given a leave-pass from his wife, 5 kids, 3 dogs and a chook - don't be guilted into anything - especially not the night before you're due to get hitched!

A night out involving pool, a couple of beers and some pulled-pork sliders - go for it. But if anyone suggests shots, immediately adopt the toilet-fade. For those that don't know, the toilet-fade is a manoeuvre used at social functions by men and women the world over to remove themselves from overzealous friends disinclined to let them leave. It involves telling your mates that you're going to the loo, but instead you head home....texting them from the cab so they know you haven't been kidnapped. This tactic is also known as smoke bombing - you were there a minute ago, then you disappeared - it's like you went up in a puff of smoke!

This advice not only ensures that you don't end up like one of the cast from the "Hangover" franchise, and that you actually feel tip top for your wedding day and enjoy it. It's meant to be be the happiest day of your life, don't spend it driving the porcelain bus!


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